What has TGIK Games been up to?

Update of Current Games

Would like to post a little update of what we have been working on and what we have ahead for this week. The plan is to make this a regular feature on the TGIK blog…..no promises.


We have started working on the artwork for Charge!. Nothing more to report than we have started it, but we will be posting some teaser pictures when we have something to show. We were able to create a basic walk through video for Charge! It is really rough and does not cover everything in the game we wanted it to, but we were in a pinch and needed to make something fast since the game was being tested at a local con and players needed a reference tutorial. Wen we made the first video, we knew we would be making a second, more full version. We started that video last weekend as we are happy with what we have so far. While the production value is far from professional, we are still happy with what we have. It is a little weird getting used to hearing my own voice on a walk through video but the process is more fun than I thought it would be. We also took the time to firm up the terms for each part of the game. We were having an issue with using various terms for the same things, so we decided to sit down and hammer out what we would use to name each pile and column. It finally feels like the rules are as complete as we can get them without taking them to an editor. Now that the rules are “done” and the game will be at GenCon, we are working on getting the PnP files ready for release. Along with the PnP files, we are working on making the game available to the public through The Game Crafter. It really depends on what kind of artwork we have available 3 weeks from now, but we want people to be able to pick up the game if they really like it and want to pick up a prototype copy before anyone else.

Dice Inc.

We have not been able to focus too much on Dice Inc in the past week. The most we have done with Dice Inc. is start to order the various parts required to make more prototype copies and we are starting to work on the PnP files. The only problem is that we do not have a finalized parts list so making a legit full PnP file is impossible at this point in time.  We have started talking about art concepts for Dice Inc, but with the focus being on Charge! we are not too worried about getting the art for Dice Inc hammered out in the near future.

Side Projects 


I have been working on a micro game based on the Three Musketeers universe. I have set some serious restrictions on myself and I want to see what I can come up with. I have also been building a few prototype parts for a yet to be named space mining game, Gravity Fields maybe. I am finding that with this game, making the prototype parts as the game takes shape is a good way to focus my efforts and cut out parts that feel like they are extra fluff or better used in an expansion. I don’t think I would design like this on a regular basis but I like what is forming so far and who am I to mess with a process if it seems to be working so far.


Aidan and taken on the task of editing out videos and the mammoth task of working on the soccer/football team manager game we started two weekends ago. I have yet to see his notes, but we tried to work out some details about the how to’s and the what for’s and wow, sports games are hard. There are design decisions of what to leave out and how much do the cut mechanics take away from the realistic feel of the sport we are trying to gamify? I think I will stick to micro games this week, wish Aidan some luck!

What we have going on this week

Company Logo

We have decided on a few elements we want to be included in the TGIK Games company logo. We know we want dice and hats. We should see some early drawings later this week.

Dice Inc Walk Through

After we finish the walk through for Charge! we are going to start shooting the video for Dice Inc. We are going to start working on a script this week so we can hit the ground running. Dice Inc is also a slightly more complicated game than Charge! so the script is going to require more parts and more though into the timeline we use to teach Dice Inc.

Finish Charge! Walk Through

Hopefully next weekend we will finish shooting the second version of a Charge! walk through. The script is done and all we need to do is just sit down and film it. I am really looking forward to having it done and on You Tube for people to start getting familiar with the game.

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